Friday, January 29, 2010

new external hdd

Soo yeah this is my new 1.5 tb external hdd. I'm very happy with it. It's a western digital hdd, and I bought it from Too bad that they already made me pay the new 10 euro copy tax though, they were only supposed to start with that in february. It's not really fair though, we have to pay a copy tax on CD's, DVD's, ipods, mp3 players, hdd's, USB sticks etc. Yet piracy is still illegal. Then why are we paying those taxes, if we're not allowed to store pirated stuff? And a lot of people use USB-sticks to make backups or transfer their personal files...doesn't seem fair to have to pay a copy tax for that.
Anyway, here is my new hdd.

I will call her Gomorra, after one of the two sinful cities (the other being Sodom) that were destroyed by God. Not that I'm a religious person, but it seemed kinda nice to give one of my hdd's a biblical name. Yes I'm the kind of retard that names computer stuff.

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  1. Thank you Zalima for your comment on my blog. I liked your interesting posts. I hope that God won't destroy your Gomorra! Nice name.