Wednesday, February 3, 2010

s60v5 games

My phone (which I love, btw) is a Nokia 5530 and I'd like to share some games that I really enjoy playing on it. They all work with the touch screen.


The goal of this puzzle game is to get the red block to the exit on the other side of the screen. To do this, you will have to move the other blocks around. The game is really simple and easy for anyone to learn (even my mom can play it, lol) but especially in the later levels, the puzzles are hard enough to keep things interesting. There are 99 levels and 5 difficulties, though the free demo only includes 20 levels.

free legal demo
full game


Lol what can I say...I love minesweeper. There are 3 difficulties, with 5, 10 or 15 mines. It's very basic, but fun nonetheless.


Miluegg Jump

In this cute little game, you can tilt the screen to make an egg jump left or right. The higher you climb up, the more difficult it becomes, with new obstacles appearing along the way. Cookies give you bonus points, but watch out for vegetables, they will kill you.
Nice thing is that the egg always keeps jumping, even if you don't do anything, which makes it very easy to play. I can even play it during classes without getting too distracted. And it's just very, very cute.



Don't we all wish that we could be a ball of tar? Well in this game, that dream actually comes true. It's pretty awesome, you can make yourself sticky and cling to the ceiling like spiderman, or become all fluid so you can get through holes. Obviously, a ball of tar doesn't have weapons, but you can jump on your opponents to crush them with your weight. If they don't eat you first, that is.


There are more games that I like, but let's just keep it at these ones for now.

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