Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lipgloss Essence

Make-up, it still confuses me. I am 20 years old, and still trying to uncover the basic mysteries of it. What to do with your lips, for example. Lipstick looks so old, the colours seem so sharp, it also looks very chalky and makes your lips seem dry. Lip gloss is nice and smooth, but oh so glossy and it's really obvious when you're wearing it because of that shine.

So what I do is, I apply lip gloss, but then I blot it with my finger or a tissue, so it's not as shiny. Then you might wonder, why apply lip gloss at all if you're going to remove its main feature: making the lips glossy. Well I don't know, I like a natural look. I just want to apply make-up once in a while to feel feminine, but without looking like the type of person that uses too much make-up.

I just want to be pretty ;_; dammit.

I use these cute little lip glosses from Essence, a budget brand. Ok they're called glossy lipbalm, not lip gloss, but that's basically the same, right. Anyway they really are super cheap, they only cost €1. The different colours have fruit names, and the lip gloss itself smells and tastes fruity. Which is awesome, since I love fruit.

From left to right: sweet strawberry, berry sorbet and sparkling cherry.

Made some swatches: As you can see, the sweet strawberry has a very light colour that won't be very visible on your lips. The berry sorbet and sparkling cherry have stronger colours. They all have little glitters, but that didn't bother me. (I generally don't like glitters in make-up, sparkly things are so visible and unnatural)

Look how small and cute the tubes are ^^

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