Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tarepanda amigurumi

I've always loved tarepanda, the cute lazy panda. Lately, I've started making amigurumi (crochet dolls) and I really wanted to make a tarepanda one. I found the Japanese pattern here. At first, the Japanese pattern had me puzzled because I'm a noob at handwork and I had never seen any kind of pattern before, let alone in Japanese. But after reading this guide, it all makes sense to me. There seem to be some people that want this pattern written out in English though, so I'll do my best to write it out. If you see any mistakes or have suggestions, let me know so I can improve it.

You'll need white and black wool for this. Everything that should be black is highlighted in black, the rest is white. In the Japanese pattern, every round was joined with a slip stitch, but I didn't do that because it didn't seem necessary. You only really have to use slip stitch to join in the two round before you switch between colors in the body or it will look odd, so I wrote that in my pattern.

Explanation of terms used

Ch = chain
Circle = magic circle
Sc = single crochet
Sc-increase = increase single crochet
Sc-decrease = decrease single crochet
Dc = double crochet
Dc-triple = 3 double crochets inserted in the same stitch
Half-Dc = half double crochet
Half-Dc-increase = two half double crochets inserted in the same stitch


Ch 14
1) 30x Sc (14 on each side of the chain and 1 extra at both ends) = 30
2) Sc-increase, 12x Sc, 3x Sc-increase, 12x Sc, 2x Sc-increase = 36
3) Sc-increase, 13x Sc, 2x (Sc-increase, Sc), Sc-increase, 13x Sc, 2x (Sc-increase, Sc) = 42
4) 2x Sc, Sc-increase, 14x Sc, 2x (Sc-increase, 2x Sc), Sc-increase, 14x Sc, Sc-increase, 2x Sc, Sc-increase = 48
5) 48x Sc = 48
6) Sc-increase, 15x Sc, 2x (Sc-increase, 3x Sc), Sc-increase, 15x Sc, 2x (Sc-increase, 3x Sc) = 54
7) - 8) 54x Sc = 54
9) 2x Sc, Sc-increase, 16x Sc, 2x (Sc-increase, 4x Sc), Sc-increase, 16x Sc, Sc-increase, 4x Sc, Sc-increase, 2x Sc = 60
10) - 14) 60 Sc = 60
15) 4x Sc, Sc-decrease, 16x Sc, 2x (Sc-decrease, 4x Sc), Sc-decrease, 16x Sc, Sc-decrease, 4x Sc, Sc-decrease = 54
16) 3x Sc, Sc-decrease, 15x Sc, 2x (Sc-decrease, 3x Sc), Sc-decrease, 15x Sc, Sc-decrease, 3x Sc, Sc-decrease = 48
17) 2x Sc, Sc-decrease, 14x Sc, 2x (Sc-decrease, 2x Sc), Sc-decrease, 14x Sc, Sc-decrease, 2x Sc, Sc-decrease = 42
18) Sc, Sc-decrease, 13x Sc, 2x (Sc-decrease, Sc), Sc-decrease, 13x Sc, Sc-decrease, Sc, Sc-decrease = 36
19)  Sc-decrease, 12x Sc, 3x Sc-decrease, 12x Sc, 2x Sc-decrease = 30
20) Sc-decrease, 11x Sc, 2x Sc-decrease, 11x Sc, Sc-decrease = 26
Sew the head closed


Ch 12
1) Sc 26 (12 on each side and 1 extra on each end) = 26
2) Sc-increase, 10x Sc, 3x Sc-increase, 10x Sc, 2x Sc-increase = 32
3) Sc-increase, Sc, 3x half-Dc, 4x Dc, 3x half-Dc, Sc, Sc-increase, half-Dc-increase, Dc-triple, half-Dc-increase, 12x Sc, half-Dc-increase, Dc-triple, half-Dc-increase = 42
4) 2x half-Dc, half-Dc-increase, 3x half-Dc, 4x Dc, 3x half-Dc, half-Dc-increase, 2x half-Dc, Sc-increase, 2x Sc, Sc-increase, 18x Sc, Sc-increase, 2x Sc, Sc-increase = 48
5) 6x (Sc-increase, 7x Sc) = 54
6) - 10) 54 Sc = 54
11) 6x (7x Sc, Sc-decrease) = 48
12) - 14) 48 Sc = 48
15) 6x (6x Sc, Sc-decrease) = 42
16) - 17) 42 Sc =  42
18) Sc-decrease, 4x Sc, 2x(Sc-decrease, 5x Sc), Sc-decrease, 4x Sc, Sc-decrease, Sc, 6x Sc, Sc-decrease, 5x Sc, join with slip stitch = 36
19) 23x Sc, 8x Sc, 5x Sc, join with slip stitch = 36
20) 36 Sc = 36
21) 6x (4x Sc; Sc-decrease) = 30
22) 30 x Sc = 30

The extra black in 18) and 19) should be in the middle of the tummy. When I made my panda, this didn't work out, so you might have to adjust the pattern a little so it's in the middle.

Arm (make 2)

Circle 6
1) 3x (Sc-increase, Sc) = 9
2) 3x (Sc-increase, 2x Sc) = 12
3) - 7) 12 Sc = 12

(make 2)
Circle 6
1) 3x (Sc-increase, Sc) = 9
2) 9x Sc = 9
3) 3x (Sc-increase, 2x Sc) = 12
4) 12x Sc = 12
5) 3x (Sc-increase, 3x Sc) = 15
6) 3x (Sc-increase, 4x Sc) = 18

(make 2)
Circle 6
1) 6x Sc-increase = 12
2) - 3) 12x Sc = 12


Circle 6

1) 6x Sc-increase = 12
2) 12x Sc = 12

Attach the head to the body; the slit where you closed the head should be on the bottom. Then you can attach the arms, legs, ears and tail. Finally, you can make the eyes out of black and white felt and glue them on. Look at the following images for reference. You can print this on an A4 paper to get the shape of the eyes right.


  1. Thank you SO much for this pattern in English! One question though... why did you write "10x Sc"? This is the first time I've ever seen that written in a pattern. I just want to know what it means.

    1. Heh, sorry I've never written a pattern before, so I wasn't sure how to write it, it just means single crochet for 10 stitches. I will add a explanation of the terms that I used.

    2. Okay. Thank you!

  2. Thank you!!! I've been meaning to try the pattern out but it always looked so complicated. Now I can finally crochet tarepanda!

  3. Thanks for translating the pattern! I had a quick question about Dc-triple. I looked it up and couldn't find a straight answer. I found triple crochet and double triple crochet, so I wasn't too sure. Thanks!

    1. I just made up the term "Dc-triple", because I didn't know what to call it. It's like a double crochet increase, but instead of putting two double crochets in the same stitch, you put three double crochets in the same stitch.

  4. I really appreciate you doing this!
    I actually find your way of writing out patterns so much easier to understand.
    However, I think there is a typo on the body:

    2) Sc-increase, 10x Sc, [Sc-increase, 3x Sc-increase], 10x Sc, 2x Sc-increase = 32"

    The third Sc-increase shouldn't be there I think. I counted the amount of stitches. I thought it was weird that it was Sc-increase, 3x Sc-increase instead of just 4x Sc-increase so I double checked.

    It should be:
    2) Sc-increase, 10x Sc, 3x Sc-increase, 10x Sc, 2x Sc-increase = 32

    Also, you mistyped "increase" in some places but it's not that important.

    So excited to finish my Tarepanda! It's my first crochet project and it looks awesome. Thank you so much!

    1. I'm glad that my post helped you.
      Thanks for telling me about the typo, I'll correct it. It was a lot of typing to do, so I'm bound to have made some mistakes.

  5. thank you for the pattern. what size hook did you use? and I write down all my patterns like yours now I find it easier to follow than other patterns

    1. Thanks for your comment. I used a size 3.5 hook, but you can use whatever size you want, it'll just make the panda smaller or bigger.

    2. I'm having a problem starting it. I can't understand what to do to begin -- Ch 14
      1) 30x Sc (14 on each side of the chain and 1 extra at both ends) = 30 -- Could you do a video or something?

    3. Well you make a chain that's 14 stitches long. Then at the end of the chain, you can start with the single crochets. First 14 at one side of the chain, then 1 at the end, then 14 at the other side of the chain and finally 1 at the end again. You're basically making an oval shape to crochet on. Maybe look at the japanese patterns if you want to get an idea of what it looks like. I also tried to draw the first 2 steps, maybe that helps: link

  6. Thank you SOOO much for taking the time to translate this pattern! It looks wonderful, and I'm so excited to try it out :) I was wondering, how much yarn did you need to make the panda??

  7. Oh thank you for translating the pattern. I want this to be my third crochet project. So far I've managed an elephant and in progress on cow. Tarepanda would be an excellent addition.

  8. First thing want to thank alot for your effort ^^
    but I'm a beginner so there's something i really don't understand.
    when starting color black at row 18 in the body, what does this have to do with slip stitch??, where should i put the slip stitch exactly?
    i stopped at the last Sc before the black 6x Sc at row 18 and don't know what to do.
    please help T_T

    1. I hope that I can help you, it's been a while since I made this pattern, but I'll try :)
      The black part on row 18&19 is the black spot that is a bit bigger on the tummy (you can see it on the drawing). You don't have to do this if you don't like that, or if it's too complicated.
      At the end of row 18&19, you would use a slip stitch (only the last stitch of the row) to reduce the height difference. I did this so it would look nicer when I switch the color to black in row 20, otherwise it looks a bit odd.

  9. Did you start the head also with a circle?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. No, I started the head by chaining 14 stitches. The body is started with a chain as well. The limbs and all other small parts were started with a magic circle.

  10. Hello! I just started this project and I'm really grateful for your English translation of the pattern because I can't read the Japanese ones to save my life lol

    Thank you so much, the pattern is pretty simple thanks to you :)

    Just one thing about the head part:

    19) Sc-decrease, 12x Sc, 3x Sc-decrease, 12x Sc, 2x Sc-decrease = 30

    The last two decreases, I actually got to 30 stitches with just one. Now, is it my mistake or maybe you got confused while writing the pattern?
    Since I'm pretty much finished it's not really a problem, I was just wondering!

    Thanks again <3

  11. I am translating to Spanish too. If somebody want it just ask.
    Thank You Salima !!, Great job

  12. thanks so much for this!! i can finally make him!! :D

  13. Thank you so much! I was looking for this for too long now!

  14. Hooray! I can't wait to make it now. Thank you for doing the interpretation and posting!

  15. Thanks so much for this pattern, I have been looking and looking and looking now I can make it. yaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I LUV U!!!! I've been searching for a tarepanda patter for a month and I was about to give up until I saw your post! Thanx sooooooooo~~~~ much!!!!! I'mma knit this when I get my supplies! Thanx again~! \( ^ ~ ^ )/

  17. OMG! It's so cute~
    umm I have a one question. How do you chain 14 and then single crochet for 30 times? I've tried it several times but it didn't work out

  18. Hiii! I'm super excited to try this out but I'm already baffled at the head lol. I was wondering how you fit 30 sc in 14 ch :) ty

  19. I'm very confused about row 3 for the body because every time I do it. It shrinks.