Sunday, June 12, 2011

One photo a day

I thought that I'd try taking a photo every day from now on. Seems like a nice experiment.

These are the rules:
-one photo has to be taken every day
-no more than one photo can be taken; if it's a crappy photo, so be it
-the same camera will be used to take all the photos
-no editing of the photos

I will use a very old and bad webcam/camera. But the crappiness of this camera is part of its charm, if you ask me. We got the thing for free a long time ago. I don't know exactly how long ago, but probably before 07/05/2003. Why do I think that? Well, it marks every photo as being taken on 07/05/2003. It's a pretty odd camera









EDIT: ah well, this project got cancelled because the old crappy camera, being old and crappy, dies within 2 hours of charging it (even if I leave it turned off). fail.

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