Monday, November 1, 2010

buying nintendo DS

It has been a while since I last posted, but yeah, not like anyone reads this anyway. =p

In September, I bought a nintendo DS lite. A grey one, USA version, which means that I can't put the start screen interface in Dutch (but no worries, I can still play Dutch/European games) and I need a European adaptor with it, but the seller was kind enough to include that.

Just look at it, so beautiful. Grey is the best colour DS colour, imo. It looks a bit more special than the white one, and doesn't get covered in smudges like the black one. And yeah, colours like pink, green etc are just too flashy for me.

Then I started looking around the internet for a place where I could buy a R4 card and microSD, preferably super cheap, since I hate spending too much money. After extensive research, because there are too many different kinds of R4 cards, I decided to order a R4 SDHC card of R4 SDHC cards only work with the ds and ds lite. The people behind this website make other cards as well, like R4i cards that work with the dsi andR4i rts cards that support real time saving. Real time saving might've been nice, but I didn't feel like spending extra money on that.

The website that I decided to order from was I read some bad reviews about it, apparently their customer service is really crap and they don't want to refund if an item gets lost during shipping. But meh whatever, $5.80 for the R4 card and $11 for a 4gb microSD card, they're cheap enough to risk it. So I placed my order for a R4 SDHC card and a 4gb microSD card on tuesday 07/09, the order was processed on thursday 09/09, left Hongkong for its destination on tuesday 14/09 and arrived at my house on friday 17/09. 11 days between placing my order and receiving it, not that bad.

Now for the products. They did have a cheap feel, but really, that's to be expected for that price. The miroSD card looked very fake, definitely not a real SanDisc. But everything worked as it should, so I have no complains. Would buy again.

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