Wednesday, May 19, 2010

gossip girl

I just finished watching gossip girl. I've been watching it non stop for the past few weeks, watched all 3 seasons. It was very relaxing to watch (which is my main criteria for finding a new series to focus on), and had some good story lines.
My main problem with it was that everyone seems to have been together with everyone already. The show focusses on new relationships too much, but you can expect that from a girly series though. Nate is the worst of them all...he's a real slut. Serena, Blair, Vanessa, old woman, Jenny, Vanessa, Blair, Bree, Vanessa, Serena, bunch of random callgrils. There isn't one girl character that he hasn't been with. But yeah, that kinda applies to every one now that I think of it..
My least favourite character is Serena. I hate her goofy smile, her general dumbness, her body language and way of talking that reek of slut. She's the typical dumb slut type, although she actually didn't even sleep with many people in the series. It's just her way of acting that puts me off.
Now I have to go and find something new to watch.

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